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Exclusively for the residents of 
Bayview Condominiums

Below you will find solutions tailor made for your residence at Bayview! Many residents at Bayview have become concerned with the long drying times they are experiencing with their dryers, and the fire hazard this problem can create!


If you are experiencing poor cycle times, it is likely that your pest guard (bird cage) is clogged full of lint. The units currently installed on the exterior of the building do not meet current building codes. We offer a code compliant, efficient, and durable model for replacement.

Additionally, you may want to consider upgrading your exterior wall vent underneath the pest guard. Old and outdated models often have failing damper doors. these doors may become stuck open or closed due to lint or damaged hinges. Our replacement model, made by Inovate, is the best product on the market for this application. The all metal unit features magnet shut damper, which opens upon the dryers operation. 

Both of these units are all metal and finished in white powder-coating, offering great rust protection for your seaside property. 

Lastly we are extending the remainder of our services, transition tube and dryer cleaning. Dryer fires start inside the dryer, not in the vent. We clean the dryer as well during our normal service. Removing excess lint from the cabinet of the machine maximizes your dryers efficiency and minimizes your risk of fire! Outdated and dirty transition tubes also hamper your dryers efficiency. We ALWAYS recommend upgrading from flex foil to Dryer Flex. More info about dryer flex can be found here:

All exterior vent/pest guard replacements include cleaning the rigid vent pipe from the exterior vent to the transition tube connection.

Please note that installation time/date for exterior vent products is subject to change. If you chose to have your dryer cleaned and transition tube replaced, you will be contacted to coordinate scheduling in a timely manner. These offers expire April 30th, 2024.

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