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Residential Dryer
Vent Cleaning

On this page you will a brief rundown of what to expect on your service call. We may be able to offer additional services quotes given on sight.

Gutter cleaning!

We offer gutter cleaning to customers scheduled for a dryer cleaning! Quotes will be given on site. 

Cleaning process

Roof or exterior wall visit

The service will begin with a visit to the vent termination. With the dryer operating, an airflow measurement will be taken prior to cleaning. Exterior vent will be cleaned of lint, debris, and screens. Flap functionality evaluated.


Line Cleaning

From the interior of your home, we flush the lint out of the ductwork. Dust is kept to a minimum with use of our high powered vacuum. Condition of the vent inspected to building code standards.


Appliance cleaning

After the line is cleared the dryer is disassembled enough to expose the heating element, blower, lint screen insert, electric motor, and cabinet floor. Lint and debris is removed from these areas.



Machine is replaced into it's home, and transition tube installed. The laundry area is thoroughly cleaned. A second roof visit occurs and a post cleaning airflow read is taken. The technician will then finish the service with an inspection sheet and receipt for the homeowner.

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