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Full Service dryer Vent cleaning


Locally owned & operated

Reduce Risk of Fire

we clean the dryer to help prevent fires

Our technicians not only clean and inspect your homes dryer exhaust vent, we clean the dryer as well! This is included in every service, as the clothes dryer itself is where the risk of fires start! Don't use the "Blow and go Joe" call Palm City Dryer Vent Services today!

Improve Efficiency
save on energy bills

Experiencing long dry times? Then your power bill is seeing extra inflation. Laundry is the 3rd largest consumer of energy in your home, behind A/C and water heaters. Extra cycle runs are reaching your power bill and shortening the life of your appliance. Protect your investment today!

Dry Clothes Faster
Laundry Dryer

Stop drying the bedding with multiple high cycles! If dry times for your routine laundry loads exceed 40 minutes, you likely have a clogged dryer vent!

What we do!

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