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Energy and safety tips to practice in your home!

It's no secret that a dryer vent cleaning leaves your home safer and more efficient! On this page you will find a collaboration of tips to save on energy and protect your biggest investment, your home.
clogged roof termination of a dryer vent. screens may not be present at a dryer vents termination.

Both a fire hazard and a building code violation!

Do you use a home maintence schedule?

A structed checklist for home maintenance tasks is a great way to keep your home safe & energy efficient. Organize these tasks into monthly, quarterly (seasonally), and annually. Taking time to arrange these tasks will help you schedule them into your time and budget! Some of these tasks could include:


  • Replace air filter (monthly)

  • Water Softener salt (monthly)

  • Pressure wash the patio (Spring)

  • Clean Dryer Vent (annually)

  • Test smoke alarms (annually)

  • Service/clean AC unit (annually)

dirty duck

Checkout these helpful articles for more information on home maintenance:


Better Home and Garden: The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist for Every Season

New York Times: The Annual Home Maintenance Schedule

More energy saving tips!

Additionally, many small changes in your home or lifestyle can have a big impact on your homes energy consumption. 

  • Cook outdoors in the summertime, and inside on our (rare) colder days.

  • Install a programmable thermostat

  • Replace old shower heads with newer, more efficient models

  • Use the Auto-dry sensor on your clothes dryer

  • Close blinds in the summer, open them in the winter

Fire Safety

We recognize dirty dryer vents as a common household fire hazard. Since then, it's become our mission to educate the public of household fire hazards. House fires can cause thousands in damages and can lead to tragedy in your home. Don't let your home and family become a statistic!

dryer fires are a leading cause of house fires

The technician visiting your home will educate the customer of all building code implications in relation to the dryer exhaust vent. We do so to better educate homeowners of hidden dangers in their home.

We recommend homes to have active smoke detectors, an accessible fire extinguisher, and a fire escape plan.

How to get free smoke detectors in your home!

Fire Prevention Checklist

Helpful links from the Red Cross

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